The John Wayne Story

John Wayne Black & White photo

“I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please.”


Some of his greatest roles were the ones he played off the silver screen. From small-town Iowa to Hollywood stardom, Duke’s life story is one for the books.

How Gold Handle Was Born

One thing John Wayne never forgot during his 50 years of making films was the gratitude he owed to all the folks involved in making each movie. He celebrated all individual contributions, no matter what role they played, by giving each of his cast & crew members a personalized Gold Handle mug as a token of appreciation.The Duke's generous and unique tradition are celebrated through these collectible mugs and his love of sharing coffee with friends.

Hondo Gold Handle Mug to Paul from Duke
John Wayne with horse, drinking coffee

American Patriot

John Wayne showed the kind of personal integrity necessary to publicly stand for the values of freedom, individuality, and courage that he cherished.

Cowboy Legend

Bringing nobility, humor and a rugged, no-holds-barred magnetism to every cowboy-hatted hero and anti-hero, Duke personified the spirit, strength and struggle of the American West.

Cultural Icon

Decades after his death, Wayne is force across the cultural spectrum, inspiring a current range of art and craft; song lyrics, literature, and cinema; fine spirits and more.