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Hurry it up, we're burning daylight!

~John Wayne

Brew Your Next Adventure With John Wayne's Gold Handle Coffee

John Wayne Gave Cast & Crew Gold Handle Mugs For 25 Years

The Legacy

Created by America's Top Roasters

Created and roasted by Tim Coonan and his team at Chicago’s Big Shoulders Coffee. Big Shoulders Coffee has been named one of the top coffee roasters in America, won a coveted Golden Bean Award and also named by Food and Wine as the “best coffee in Illinois”. Big Shoulders brings this tradition of artisan roasting and attention to detail to the sourcing and roasting of Gold Handle Coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the grind option closest to your brewing device & make sure to leave your actual brewing method in the special notes during your checkout! We'll match it up!

Our grind options & devices that will match:

  • French Press - Cold Brew Coffee, Cowboy Coffee
  • Automatic Drip - Chemex, K Cup
  • Pour Over - V60, Kalita, Aeropress, Clever Cup
  • Espresso - Turkish

No, our coffee does not have an expiration date - it will never be unsafe to consume. Over time (1 month - 3 months) it will begin to dry out and lose it’s oils. This will result in loss of flavor and body.

The only item we handle in our facility is coffee. We are free of cow's milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, fish, soy, and wheat.

Your best bet is an air tight container that is not clear with a cool, dry atmosphere. Freezing your coffee is not necessary.

Tracking numbers are created when we print shipping labels - then you are alerted. There are times when it may take a few days for the order to be scanned by USPS or UPS. Please wait your estimated shipping time to reach out about potentially lost packages.

Please reach out to immediately so that we can ensure your package arrives to your doorstep.